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Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Mangosteen Testimonials: Pancreatic Cancer, Psoriasis, Stomach Cancer, Immune System

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Mangosteen Testimonials: Pancreatic Cancer, Psoriasis, Stomach Cancer, Immune System

Mangosteen provides so many health benefits and has helped so many people that personal testimonials of individuals who have experienced the benefits of Mangosteen abound.

People who hear or read about these health benefits from the Mangosteen for the first time may be saying, "It's just too good to be true!"

Here are testimonials from those who have been helped by the powerful phytoceuticals in Mangosteen.

These inspiring personal experiences hopefully will encourage you to take the necessary steps to even better health.

Pancreatic Cancer

"... In 2000 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As we finally began to recover from the shock our family pulled together as a team to support Mom and help to find a possible cure for this terrible invader.

"We found a myriad of possible remedies, some that even did some good, but all in all the best we could hope for was to comfort Dad's pain.

"The diagnosis gave him six to twelve months to live and even the few minor improvements that came from time to time, we had all resigned ourselves to the fact that we were losing our father to cancer.

"Dad went from various chemotherapies to surgery to radiation with little or no results, when the doctor's decided to begin some experimental drugs.

"In August of this year a good friend in the church told us about ["mangosteen juice"], a health supplement that strengthens the immune system and has had phenomenal results in helping so many people recover from life threatening illnesses.

"At this point Dad was not eating and couldn't do anything but sit in pain in his recliner and watch TV. He was just biding time.

"After seeing him that way we decided to try my friend's suggestion and order a case of [mangosteen juice], at least give it a try. We had nothing to lose.

"Three weeks after he began using the mangosteen mixture he was up with the family for Labor Day, camping the way he used to do. He was active, eating well and ready to indulge in a game of horseshoes with any challengers.

"No one could believe it, but we were all grateful to have him looking so well and actively enjoying his family again.

"The following week he was called into the doctor's office to get the results of his Cat-scan when the doctor told him that there was no sign of a tumor!

"Furthermore his blood work was back to normal. He has stopped taking all but one of his medications and is just planning on using that one up. [Mangosteen juice] was the only thing different during this remarkable recovery and we are so very grateful to have been blessed with such a phenomenal product.

"We owe our father's recovery to [mangosteen juice]!" - Darla

Psoriasis, High Blood Pressure

"I was a bit skeptical when I started using Mangosteen juice one ounce three times a day on July 12, 2004.

I've had moderately severe Psoriasis for 15 years. One week later I noticed a very definite improvement in my Psoriasis. I am not on any drugs for Psoriasis.

I also noted a definite drop in my blood pressure. My usual average BP checked 3 times a day was 144/90 (No BP meds.). After I started on the Mangosteen juice, my BP averaged 117/70 taken morning, noon & night.

I was also having a lot of arthralgia in my hips, knees & back, which is completely gone now." - Tom, M.D.

Stomach/Colon/Prostate Cancer

"On July 18, 2004, we left Brooke Army Medical Center in despair. Marshall (73) had just been released after undergoing colon cancer surgery. He had cancer in his intestines, his stomach cavity lining, and his colon. He had also undergone treatments for prostate cancer.

"The Doctors at BAMC told him he only had 4 months to live, and maybe 5 months, if he took chemotherapy. He said to his doctor that he didn't want to take the chemo, and he didn't.

"We told our good friend Jim about this and he said he knew of something which might possibly help. At that point, Marshall could barely walk, was very weak, had no energy, was ashen gray, and literally looked like "a walking corpse." It was like he had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Marshall was also very depressed, and so was I.

"Jim took us to see his friend, Ed, and they told us all about the scientific research reports they had read about the "Garcinone E Xanthone" in the pericarp of the Mangosteen fruit, and had learned at a recent medical seminar.

"They spoke with a doctor who said there were no guarantees, or any claims that could be made, but he said that if he had these conditions, he would follow the doctor's advice, and also take a 25oz bottle of mangosteen extract a day for 21 days, along with a gallon of distilled water every day, and then go on 6oz a day of mangosteen and be re-tested.

"Marshall did just that. After the first 21 days, Marshall went to drinking 6oz a day (3oz in the am and 3oz in the pm), of the mangosteen juice, with lots of water.

"On November 29, 2004, over four months after his diagnosis, Marshall had blood work done, and on December 9, 2004 a cat scan was done at Brook Army Medical Center. A few days later, the doctor met with Marshall and me, and said "it really looks good." That "there are just a few small spots left, with nothing life threatening."

"Marshall is now feeling and looking really good. He has his strength and his life back. We walk a mile a day and dance every Friday night. We are so thankful to God, and for Jim and Ed for introducing us to the Mangosteen Juice!

"This Christmas will be a Very Special Christmas for us, because last July, it definitely appeared that Marshall would not be alive this Christmas." - Marshall & Mary Lou

White/Red Blood Cells - Low Count, Immune System Deficiency, Food Allergies, Eczema

"My testimony has to do with my youngest son, Eathan, who is now 4½ years old. When Eathan was 8 months old he was diagnosed with failure to thrive. He had some blood tests done and the results showed that his liver enzymes were elevated, but before anymore tests could be done he was growing and gaining weight again.

"When he was about 10 months old he contracted the RSV virus and had to use a nebulizer with steroid breathing treatments for about four weeks.

"When he was 15 months old he had a low grade fever that spiked in the middle of the night and caused him to have a febrile seizure. He was taken to the emergency room where they gave him a breathing tube and performed many tests.

"The doctors discovered that his red blood cell count was extremely low and his white blood cells were virtually non-existent. They gave him three blood transfusions which stabilized his red cell counts had but his white cell count was still extremely low and falling.

"After a bone marrow tap they discovered he wasn't producing any nutrifil cells, or baby white blood cells. They gave him a Nupagen injection. After a week in the hospital, he was allowed to come home.

"Since his bone marrow still wasn't producing any white blood cells, Eathan had to be quarantined for several months. With a white cell count as low as his, he couldn't be exposed to people. His immune system was so devastated that he could pick up something off a grocery cart that would give you and me a sniffle, and could be a death sentence to him.

"His hematologist started him on a Nupagen regiment. Nupagen is the miracle drug that helps build up one's white blood cell count. We have had to give him Nupagen injections 1-3 times a week for the past two years. These injections run about $250.00 each. This would help stimulate production of the white blood cells but would barely maintain them at an acceptable level.

"The doctor had warned us that it may take up to three to four years for his body to recover if it did at all. During this time he had a high level of food allergies caused by mal-absorption. This led the doctors to believe he also might have celiac disease, due to his elevated gluten levels. Along with all of these other problems he also had a moderate case of eczema.

"I was introduced to Mangosteen juice in mid October of 2003. I looked all over the internet for articles on the mangosteen. I couldn't find a reason not to give it to him. I ordered two cases and started giving him the mangosteen juice around the first of November, 2003.

Eathan had been on the mangosteen juice for about 3 weeks when I gave him his last injection of Nupagen right around Thanksgiving time 2003. He has been on Mangosteen juice for about 12 months and hasn't needed another injection for over eleven months.

"This Mangosteen juice has been able to elevate and maintain my son's white blood cell count to an acceptable level. He has no more food allergies and his eczema is completely gone.

"In the beginning his doctor was totally baffled by this. Now he truly believes that the Mangosteen juice is doing something. At his appointment last week he still didn't need a shot and his hematologist said, "Keep giving him that juice!" - Derrick


Manggis Testimonial: Kanker Pankreas, Psoriasis, Kanker Lambung, Sistem kekebalan

Manggis menyediakan begitu banyak manfaat kesehatan dan telah membantu begitu banyak orang yang testimonial pribadi dari individu-individu yang telah mengalami manfaat dari Manggis berlimpah.

Orang yang mendengar atau membaca tentang manfaat kesehatan dari Manggis untuk pertama kalinya mungkin berkata, "Ini terlalu bagus untuk menjadi kenyataan!"

Berikut adalah testimonial dari mereka yang telah ditolong oleh phytoceuticals kuat di Manggis.

Ini pengalaman pribadi inspiratif diharapkan akan mendorong Anda untuk mengambil langkah yang diperlukan untuk kesehatan yang lebih baik.

Kanker Pankreas
"... Pada tahun 2000 ayah saya didiagnosa menderita kanker pankreas. Seperti yang kita akhirnya mulai pulih dari shock keluarga kita menarik bersama sebagai sebuah tim untuk mendukung Ibu dan membantu untuk menemukan obat yang mungkin untuk penyerbu ini mengerikan.

"Kami menemukan segudang obat mungkin, beberapa yang bahkan melakukan beberapa baik, tetapi semua dalam semua yang terbaik yang kita bisa diharapkan adalah nyeri kenyamanan Dad.

"Diagnosis memberinya enam sampai dua belas bulan untuk hidup dan bahkan beberapa perbaikan kecil yang datang dari waktu ke waktu, kami semua mengundurkan diri diri dengan fakta bahwa kami kehilangan ayah kami untuk kanker.

"Ayah pergi dari berbagai kemoterapi operasi untuk radiasi dengan hasil yang sedikit atau tidak ada, ketika dokter memutuskan untuk mulai beberapa obat eksperimental.

"Pada bulan Agustus tahun ini seorang teman baik di gereja memberitahu kami tentang [" jus manggis "], suplemen kesehatan yang memperkuat sistem kekebalan tubuh dan memiliki hasil yang fenomenal dalam membantu begitu banyak orang sembuh dari penyakit yang mengancam jiwa.

"Pada titik ini Ayah tidak makan dan tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa kecuali duduk kesakitan di kursi dan menonton TV. Ia hanya menunggu waktu.

"Setelah melihat dia bahwa cara kami memutuskan untuk mencoba saran teman saya dan memesan kasus [jus manggis], setidaknya mencobanya. Kami tak ada kalah.

"Tiga minggu setelah dia mulai menggunakan campuran manggis dia dengan keluarga untuk Hari Buruh, berkemah seperti biasa ia lakukan. Dia aktif, makan dengan baik dan siap untuk menikmati permainan sepatu kuda dengan penantang.

"Tidak ada yang bisa percaya, tapi kami semua berterima kasih untuk memiliki dia tampak begitu baik dan aktif menikmati keluarganya lagi.

"Minggu berikutnya ia dipanggil ke kantor dokter untuk mendapatkan hasil nya Cat-scan ketika dokter mengatakan bahwa tidak ada tanda-tanda tumor!

"Selain bekerja darahnya kembali normal. Dia telah berhenti mengambil semua kecuali satu obat dan hanya berencana menggunakan yang satu Facebook [manggis jus]. Adalah satu-satunya hal yang berbeda selama ini pemulihan yang luar biasa dan kami sangat berterima kasih kepada
telah diberkati dengan suatu produk fenomenal.

"Kami berutang pemulihan ayah kami ke [jus manggis]!"
- Darla

Psoriasis, Tekanan Darah Tinggi
"Saya sedikit skeptis ketika saya mulai menggunakan Manggis jus satu ons tiga kali sehari pada tanggal 12 Juli 2004.

Aku sudah Psoriasis cukup parah selama 15 tahun.
Satu minggu kemudian saya melihat peningkatan yang sangat pasti di Psoriasis saya. Saya tidak pada setiap obat-obatan untuk Psoriasis.

Saya juga mencatat penurunan pasti dalam tekanan darah saya.
BP rata-rata saya yang biasa diperiksa 3 kali sehari adalah 144/90 (No meds BP.). Setelah saya dimulai pada jus manggis, saya BP rata-rata 117/70 diambil pagi, siang & malam.

Saya juga memiliki banyak arthralgia, di, saya lutut pinggul & kembali, yang benar-benar hilang sekarang "-. Tom, MD

Perut / Usus Besar / Kanker Prostat
"Pada tanggal 18 Juli 2004, kami meninggalkan Brooke Army Medical Center di putus asa Marshall (73) baru saja dibebaskan setelah menjalani operasi kanker usus besar. Dia terkena kanker di ususnya, lapisan rongga perut nya., Dan usus-nya Dia. Juga mengalami
pengobatan untuk kanker prostat.

"Para dokter di BAMC mengatakan dia hanya memiliki 4 bulan untuk hidup, dan mungkin 5 bulan, jika ia mengambil kemoterapi. Ia berkata kepada dokter bahwa ia tidak ingin mengambil kemoterapi, dan ia tidak.

"Kami memberitahu teman kita baik Jim tentang hal ini dan dia bilang dia tahu sesuatu yang mungkin bisa membantu Pada saat itu, Marshall nyaris tidak bisa berjalan,. Sangat lemah, memiliki energi, pucat abu-abu, dan secara harfiah tampak seperti" mayat berjalan
"itu. Ini seperti dia punya satu kaki di kuburan dan yang lainnya pada kulit pisang Marshall. juga sangat tertekan, dan begitu juga I.

"Jim membawa kami untuk melihat temannya, Ed, dan mereka mengatakan kepada kita semua tentang laporan penelitian ilmiah yang mereka telah membaca tentang" E Garcinone Xanthone "di pericarp buah Manggis, dan telah belajar di sebuah seminar medis baru-baru ini.

"Mereka berbicara dengan seorang dokter yang mengatakan tidak ada jaminan, atau klaim yang dapat dibuat, tapi ia mengatakan bahwa jika ia kondisi tersebut, ia akan mengikuti saran dokter, dan juga mengambil botol 25oz manggis ekstrak hari untuk
21 hari, bersama dengan galon air suling setiap hari, dan kemudian pergi pada hari 6oz manggis dan kembali diuji.

"Marshall tidak hanya itu. Setelah 21 hari pertama, Marshall pergi ke 6oz minum hari (3oz di pagi dan 3oz di pm itu), dari jus manggis, dengan banyak air.

"Pada tanggal 29 November 2004, selama empat bulan setelah diagnosis itu, Marshall memiliki darah kerja yang dilakukan, dan pada 9 Desember 2004 kucing pemindaian dilakukan di Brook Army Medical Center Beberapa hari kemudian,. Dokter bertemu dengan Marshall dan aku,
dan berkata "itu benar-benar terlihat bagus." Itu "ada hanya bintik-bintik kecil yang tersisa, dengan kehidupan tidak mengancam."

"Marshall sekarang merasa dan tampak benar-benar baik. Dia memiliki kekuatan dan hidupnya kembali. Kami berjalan satu hari satu mil dan menari setiap Jumat malam. Kami sangat bersyukur kepada Allah, dan untuk Jim dan Ed untuk memperkenalkan kita ke Juice Manggis

"Natal ini akan menjadi Natal Sangat Khusus bagi kami, karena Juli lalu, tampaknya pasti bahwa Marshall tidak akan hidup Natal ini."
- Marshall & Lou Maria

Putih / Sel Darah Merah - Count Rendah, Defisiensi Sistem kekebalan, Alergi Makanan, Eksim
"Kesaksian saya ada hubungannya dengan anak bungsuku, Eathan, yang sekarang 4 ½ tahun. Ketika Eathan sudah 8 bulan umurnya didiagnosa menderita gagal tumbuh. Dia memiliki darah beberapa tes dilakukan dan hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa enzim hatinya terangkat
, tapi sebelum tes lagi dapat dilakukan ia tumbuh dan berat badan lagi.

"Ketika dia sekitar 10 bulan dia terjangkit virus RSV dan harus menggunakan nebulizer dengan perawatan pernapasan steroid selama sekitar empat minggu.

"Ketika ia berusia 15 bulan dia punya demam ringan yang berpaku di tengah malam dan menyebabkan dia untuk memiliki kejang demam Ia dibawa ke ruang darurat di mana mereka memberinya sebuah tabung pernapasan dan tes banyak dilakukan..

"Para dokter menemukan bahwa merah darahnya jumlah sel sangat rendah dan sel-sel darah putih hampir tidak ada Mereka memberi. Dia transfusi darah tiga yang stabil jumlah sel merah hanya memiliki jumlah sel putihnya masih sangat rendah dan jatuh.

"Setelah sumsum tulang tekan mereka menemukan dia tidak menghasilkan sel-sel nutrifil, atau bayi sel darah putih Mereka memberinya. Dia suntikan Nupagen. Setelah seminggu di rumah sakit, ia diperbolehkan pulang.

"Sejak sumsum tulang masih tidak memproduksi sel-sel darah putih, Eathan harus dikarantina selama beberapa bulan. Dengan jumlah sel putih serendah, ia tidak dapat terkena orang. Sistem kekebalan tubuh-Nya yang begitu hancur
ia bisa mengambil sesuatu dari sebuah gerobak kelontong yang akan memberikan Anda dan saya tersedu, dan bisa menjadi hukuman mati kepadanya.

"Hematologi Nya mulai dia di resimen Nupagen Nupagen adalah obat ajaib yang membantu membangun darah putih seseorang jumlah sel.. Kami harus memberinya suntikan Nupagen 1-3 kali seminggu selama dua tahun terakhir. Suntikan ini berjalan sekitar $ 250,00
masing-masing. Hal ini akan membantu merangsang produksi sel darah putih tapi hampir tidak akan mempertahankan mereka di tingkat yang dapat diterima.

"Dokter telah memperingatkan kita bahwa mungkin diperlukan waktu hingga tiga sampai empat tahun bagi tubuh untuk pulih jika hal itu sama sekali. Selama waktu ini, ia memiliki tingkat tinggi alergi makanan yang disebabkan oleh mal-penyerapan ini dipimpin. Para dokter untuk percaya
ia juga mungkin memiliki penyakit celiac, karena tingkat tinggi nya gluten. Seiring dengan semua masalah lain yang juga memiliki kasus moderat eksim.

"Saya diperkenalkan ke Manggis jus pada pertengahan Oktober 2003 aku melihat. Seluruh internet untuk artikel tentang manggis. Saya tidak dapat menemukan alasan untuk tidak memberikan kepadanya. Aku memesan dua kasus dan mulai memberinya jus manggis
sekitar pertama bulan November, 2003.

Eathan telah di jus manggis selama sekitar 3 minggu ketika saya memberinya suntikan terakhir hak Nupagen sekitar waktu Thanksgiving 2003.
Dia telah berada di Manggis jus selama sekitar 12 bulan dan belum diperlukan suntikan lain selama lebih dari sebelas bulan.

"Ini jus manggis telah mampu meningkatkan dan mempertahankan darah putih anak saya jumlah sel ke tingkat yang dapat diterima. Dia tidak memiliki alergi makanan yang lebih dan eksim Nya benar-benar hilang.

"Pada awal dokternya benar-benar bingung dengan ini Sekarang ia benar-benar percaya bahwa jus manggis adalah melakukan sesuatu.. Pada pertemuan minggu lalu dia masih tidak membutuhkan tembakan dan hematologi nya berkata," Teruslah memberikan kepadanya bahwa jus! "
- Derrick

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